Elemental Graphic Solutions has been pairing businesses with customers since newspaper advertising actually worked.  By keeping ahead of the crowd and understanding new trends, we continue to do so today.  Although we can do ad design for newspapers, we highly encourage our customers to think outside the traditional advertising box.  Facebook advertising is a fantastic way to get a big bang for your buck, plus our tried and true formula has been carefully designed through the years.  A package with a year's worth of advertising (according to our planned formula) costs about as much as a single-run full page newspaper ad.  When coupled with great web design, you can't go wrong with this!


With 50% of today's consumers accessing websites through mobile phones and/or tablets, it's imperative that you not only have a website, but that you have one that is mobile friendly.  83% of mobile Internet users close a website within seconds if it's difficult to read.  Are you slamming the mobile door in prospective clients' faces?  We can help by building websites that work well on all devices, while still keeping continuity and branding for your business.  Pricing for web design is done on a project basis.  You can have something great (similar to this page) for as little as $300 or you can have more.  Your business is unique, as is our quote for your website needs.


For those who have roots deep in traditional media, we've designed billboards, designed and run direct mail campaigns to current customers as well as prospective clients, designed coupon campaigns that work with or without Point of Sale systems, designed post of sale posters and flyers for businesses, and designed and run email campaigns.  All design projects are priced on a per project basis.


With all contracts, you can help keep your project costs at a minimum by 1)  Knowing what you need ahead of time, additions add to the bottom line, 2)  Having good photos (massive editing takes time), and 3) Being clear and concise.  We will do our very best to make gathering necessary information easy on you through forms and checklists created for your particular project.


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